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Ooo I like This

I found Dad's Cab over on DVice today. What a great concept to get your kids into understanding nothing in life is free.

If you’re the father of a 15-year-old social butterfly like I am, you’ll understand the brilliant concept behind Dad’s Cab ($18). This realistic taxi meter makes you feel like a New York cabbie, counting up the hours you spend carting around that little darling and all her friends, and then lets you present your giggling clients with a bill at the end of the revelry.
Unless you can find yourself a robot cab somewhere, this might just do the trick in the meantime. Simply stick this meter onto your car’s dashboard with the included adhesive strips, and when you’re done with your daily chauffeuring chores, hand over one of the official Dad’s Cab printed cards demanding payments such as cleaning your room, fetching me a beer, and other useful tasks.
You mean these dime store Cleopatras can actually make themselves useful? You bet. Teach them the barter system, and give them a clue about how the real world works.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I love this idea! However, not having kids to ferry around I'd buy it purely to fantasize that I'm a cabby. I would drive down the streets of my city, wearing a cloth cap, one arm on the window, staring nonchalantly at people and running over old ladies.

Wait...I don't have a car as I just left NYC and no one in NYC has a car. But when I DO get me a car I'll consider it.

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