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Sane Friends

Happy Monday to All

Mondays are rough now a days. I'm usually still really relaxed from my Saturday sleepover at the Planner's. She joked that I would take a nap yesterday after I left which I did. She worries that I'm not sleeping well enough at her place, but I explained that I'm just relaxing. If it was a work day I would be okay, but it's Sunday and hey I can nap so I do.

The Planner finally did something new. She fell asleep in my arms and I got to tell her something all women love to hear. "You snore." We had a good laugh at that and the point that 5 weeks ago she was adamant about not having someone sleep in her bed.

This morning at work has been a lot of phone work. Making appointments, tracking down money, and just plain old business. I'll start practicing and getting everything ready for my lecture tomorrow night after lunch.

Going through a little regret today about not taking care of my finances when I was married instead of taking care of my ex. Happy to say I'm not that type of person anymore, but in not taking care of myself I've set myself up for a lot more hurt than I needed.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I think it is really a testament to you treating her well so that she can feel comfortable enough to sleep that deeply :)

Hope tomorrow's evening lecture goes well.

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