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Relaxation 101

I'm really looking forward to my weekend with the Planner. She may need some work though. She's already tried to bring work into it several times and I've put my foot down that it's not happening. The Planner is use to working 7 days a week and has a hard time putting it down. Since she works mostly out of her house she'll keep working into the wee hours sometimes. I've shown how good it feels to stop about 5 or 6 and call it a day and relax. Since she's started this she's feeling better.
However last night she was starting to get anxious thinking of not doing any work for 3 whole days and a panic was setting in. It reminds me of a few weeks ago while she was getting ready for work. We had a great night and a relaxing morning. Talk was light then all of a sudden she switched to work mode and started asking me 5 years goals. My eyeballs nearly flew out of my head from the hitting the breaks so fast. She states that was her way of diffusing my attention on her. I think women are works of art and when I'm with someone I care about like the Planner I get a lot of pleasure watching them. The Planner isn't use to positive attention from her dates so she's having a bumpy time with it. She likes it, but it is a hard pill for her to swallow.

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