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Zen and the Art of Watch Repair

I'm really enjoying my office today. I mentally figured the lecture would work in the office, but I finally physically set it up today and went through a dry run. It worked out very well and I was happy with my office. It's not a big place less than 500 sq. ft. I believe, but it works out just nice.
Having managed a electronic store a long time ago and in a galaxy far, far away. (Yes I know it's an old joke, but I like it.) I forget most people don't know how to change watch batteries and pay exorbitant fees for jewelers to do it for them. The Planner loves watches and she had a box full of them. All dead. She looked at me with uncertainty about being an easy job to open and pop the batteries out. So you know all backings have a little lip along one part that you just pop open. I use my pocket knife, but you can get a fancy tool if you'd like. Anyway 2 minutes later and a bunch of watches later we had a nice row of dead batteries for her to pick up. She did have 2 watches which needed a wrench to open, that I had to order off of Ebay. Batteries are usually less than $5 instead of the $15 a jeweler is going to charge you. When you put the backing back on just push in the center so it burps when you close it and your good to go.

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