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Sane Friends

Plannerless Week

The Planner's boss moved up her test to this week so we weren't able to talk for a while. It was weird since we keep in touch very well even though we don't see each other. So this time we weren't talking or texting and it was bizarre. My hopes for getting her and Eric together this week are not going to happen. Oh well. Another time perhaps. As it stands we won't see each other next week either with her training and mother's surgery. The good thing is that she doesn't have to work Labor Day weekend and we planned to hangout then and actually have prolonged time together. What a concept.

This week at work has become a very busy week. Busier than it has been in a while. Eric is handling it well since we're still doing a bunch of things together. Nothing major planned today besides games, McDonalds Playplace, and a trip to the card shop. If we have time we'll hit the batting cage. If not we'll do it tomorrow.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Sounds like you and Eric are having fun in your free time.

Glad that work is buy = profitable.

Labor Day weekend will be lovely for you and Planner - a little absence adds to desire :)

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