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What's on my plate today? Saving money by lowering my expenses. I'm doing some shopping around this week. I know plenty of people in the business now to give me rates that really range far and wide.
First up is life insurance. This is just the easiest to do. If I can drop my premium $15-20 a month I'll be very happy.

I need to look at my policy at home, but I want to change my health insurance policy to an HSA. Again if I can drop my cost down $30 a month I'll be ecstatic. I never go and I have my wellness exams covered before my deductible.

The Planner and I are looking forward to our weekend together. She's funny how she wants to know stuff, but not willing to do it yet. Case in point, living together. She asked if I would do it with her. I told her it would be after the one year mark and I would have to think about it. Living up by her really increases my time on the road, gas usages, and traffic. The pay off would be seeing her more. The funny thing was while I said one year she said two.

So my 5 day plan is in full affect. I mailed a nice romantic card out to her yesterday. 2 sexy text will go out each day to turn up the heat until I see her Friday. This will be our first prolonged time together and we're both a little nervous about it. While I'm use to living with others. It's been some time since the Planner has done it and I don't know how she'll react to me being in her space for 72 hours.

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