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Here's pictures of Eric rolling down the hill.
I awoke during the night, last night, feeling like crap. This morning the feeling was the same so I called OVDC to get treatment. Eric who always states that he can't fall back to sleep, fell back to sleep very deeply. After my shower it was a problem to wake him back up.

So after my first patient we headed over to the batting range. He did pretty good once I got him to stand in the batters box. I felt a lot better after treatment, but some remnants remain.
We tried roller skating this afternoon. It was Eric's first time, but as many times if its difficult for him to get he wants to quit and gets moody. So I got him to try longer, but after 20 minutes he wanted to go.

It's the downward slide of the week. So Eric gets in moods very easy now a days so its work to keep him positive. Today when I'm not feeling well I have little patience for his antics.

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kids - you love them and that still doesn't mean they can't be a pain in the butt.

Hope Eric outgrows the quitting reaction when things aren't easy right away, and hope you feel better tomorrow !

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