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Sane Friends


I have to admit I enjoy the disagreements the Planner and I have. It's a joy to talk them out. Like last night I really wasn't thinking when wrote a message to the singles. Back before I was dating the Planner many people had commented that when I went to NY to see Eric for a weekend that they would love to share the ride and expenses since they had family and friends there too. Pretty good arrangement. Anyway I commented on that when I was asking for guest hosts while Eric is here. The Planner was a little disturbed about it. However she stated what I had did and how she felt. I immediately realized what I had done and apologized. Their was none of the nastiness that I'm use to.

The Massage Therapist offer was ludicrous. I would get $7.50/hour for use of my room. What am I working for McDonalds here. However as I'm very good at I take a good idea and run with it. I'll stop at both massage schools Monday to look to hire someone. I'll charge $40 for massages which is cheaper than most in the area. I'll split it 50-50 with the therapist. Although I'm still working on the numbers since then I'll be cleaning all the sheets and taking on all credit card charges. I'm looking to make at least $200 from the room a month.

I want to do 3 things with my office. The Planner has agreed to help me with the first 2. I want a plant or two in the office to bring a little more life to the office. Since she did horticulture for years she's the expert for me. Also I want to repaint the office and since I'm partially color blind I need her good fashion sense. The last thing is to get a counter built for my office. While I like the desk a counter would hide more of my stuff as I get busier.

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