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The Speed of Lint

Yes the fastest thing in the universe is not light, but lint. I have no idea if light is the fastest thing in the universe, but it's pretty damn fast. Not counting warp drive, hyperspeed, or ludicrous speed. Being a chiropractor makes lint your enemy. I swear I could just delint my pants all day long with one of those tape brushes. I mean my patients are pretty clean. I understand getting all dirty from my contractors and construction guys. That just goes with the territory. However the lint thing bother me. I feel like a bum with all this lint on me. I may have to for parachute pants to come back into style.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Ha! you think LINT is bad? Trying "Linen" ... as in pants. Damn things.. I don't know how the Southern women can walk around looking all fresh and clean in their linen pants. Me? I look like a sack that has been wadded up and stored under the sink for 3 months. Damn linen wrinkles like you wouldn't believe! Ummm... I guess all those Southern women just never sit down?? Or they carry pocket steamers in their purse?

It's a freakin' mystery to me.

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