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Sane Friends


Still no word from Eric. I'll track my ex's father down tonight if I don't hear anything by the time I finish in the office. It's causing me a lot of anxiety now. Finances and the drive are okay in my mind, but this is the culprit now to rough nights of sleep. The gym felt good this morning to burn of some the extra nervous energy coursing through my veins.

The Planner came down last night. The weather was awesome and we walked around Town Center here. We looked in a few clothes shops, but she wasn't in the mood to try anything on. I was happy to look with her, but it wasn't working for her. I told her I'd be better interactive wise while she is shopping if she was trying stuff on. So we'll have to set a date for that.
Since we were in the area early the Cheesecake Factory was empty. So the Planner finally go to look at all the cheesecakes and decided on a slice of banana cheesecake. She was in heaven with it and had to walk the slice off afterwards. We talked about my situation with Eric since she knew it was bothering me while we sat by the fountain listening to the band play.
Afterwards we went to the FunnyBone since I had free tickets. OMG! I have never seen the place so packed. We were all the way in the back. We were just happy it was a no smoking night. The first 2 guys must live in the area since I've seen them like 4 time already and know their bits by heart. Even the Planner remembered them from last time. However the main act was new and a female which was a nice change.

She wanted me to come back to her place last night, but the long drive would have put a crimp in all that I needed to do although it would have been nice to cuddle with her through the night. However I got a real nice "I love you" from her that made my night.

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