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Mo Money is Better than No Money

[I have to give the Planner the kudos for the title]

Since I had some time today and I decided to make a bunch of collection calls. This one person's health insurance company doesn't know their left hand from their right. Each time I call I get a different answer and I have to remind them of what they said previously and go through the whole procedure again. Since this is now a lot of money I'm going to try to go through her car insurance. The problem is they changed the person in charge a few times and no one is ever there. So hopefully I will get a phone call back.

On the plus side I finally going to get paid on those two MIA patients. I've been informed that the check will go out by Friday. Jeez it's been since last Thanksgiving. I really wish my bill collectors were this lenient about collecting as people are on sending.
I'm starting to see a insecurity streak with the Planner. She slips it in with a joke so it's slight. Let it be known that I have a female practice. While I do have some guys and they are my best patients. At least 90% of my daily visits are female. I think it's my personality for one since I have always gotten along better with women than men. Plus women take better care of their health than men do. It's why they live longer. So with me wanting to hire a massage therapist she made a joke about not knowing if she could handle many more women in my life. I'll see where this goes and do what I can to alleviate any fears she may have. Although I know the real work will need to be done on her end.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

When you make it clear to her that you don't play where you work, so that the new masseuse isn't someone you have any interest in - and that she (the Planner ) is all the woman you want or need, I suspect any jealousy will disappear.

Glad you are finally getting some of the money owed to you, Mike !

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