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Yin Yang of the South

Since living down here in the South for 4.5 years now. I've come to love and hate some things down here. The top two on the list are sweet tea and mustard. When I first moved down here I had never heard of sweet tea before and I had to ask WTF it was. Then I heard the answer and I was like "and"? But strangely that was it, however over the years I've become like a crack addict with this stuff. I actually use it to offset my soda consumption. I remember a friend told me when she went to NC to college from NJ she made Nestea for her roommate. The girl spit the stuff out all over the room and began to ridicule her for serving her the swill. Until I started drinking the stuff I would have also had a strange look on my face, but after having consumed the nectar of the gods I now know why.

On the other end of the spectrum is mustard. For some bizarre strange reason in the South they put mustard on all their hamburgers with ketchup. Now I'm from the North and I'm a plain ketchup kind of guy. Hey it's how I roll. Even after all these years I still forget a lot to ask for a hamburger without mustard and then I take a bite and get that mustard zing when I'm not looking for it. Yuck. I may die down here, but I'll never get use to it.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

So, you'd limit your mustard consumption to hot pretzels? What I don't understand is anyone putting mayonnaise on their burgers. Ketchup and mustard, with a GOOD sweet tea (MickeyD's is but an imitation that's passable at times), well, yes, that IS part of what life's about:) Pass the corn bread, please.....

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