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What a Workout

I set up so my stimulus check would go straight to child support so I wouldn't have to worry about it for 2 months and I could focus on other bills. Anyway I got an letter wondering were my payments are. WTF? So I called the IRS today and boy what a freakin' wait. I would say about 30 minutes of bad music. Could have been longer but I think I lost consciousness somewhere along the line. Then I got Mr. Low talker. I know things are bad for the government, but get this guy a volume switch or something. Anyway besides that he was very friendly and helpful. I figured since I owed they would send the check after I finished paying up, but he corrected me and stated that what ever I owed would be taken out of the stimulus and the rest sent to me. Well at least I can stop making payments since they now owe me money.

So I asked my brother if I could start paying him back the money he laid out for my engine next month so I could use the money to pay back child support what I owed them. Jeez I thought I was getting ahead here.

I'm still working on the whole Eric meeting the Planner thing. The Planner sees that it's a sensitive subject. She'll be the first woman I've dated to meet him. I want to do it since she does mean a lot to me and I haven't been this happy in my life with a woman before. I've read a few articles on the subject which I usually do. Who knows how Eric will take it.

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Keeping up on child support is, obviously important, so glad you can do that even if UGH a fiasco about it, apparently! Having "planner" and Eric meet makes sense as she is that important to you, as is he. I'd suggest not surprising him with her there in tow, let him know in advance, and have your next meeting with him, be just you two at first, then she can join in something. Or what do these books say?


Bravo that you pay your child support. :)

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