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Yesterday was such a weird day in the office. All my appointments rescheduled. I'm use to 1 maybe 2, but all. It was really weird, although I have to admit I usually become even Steven with this stuff. So I got a call and had 2 new patients which was cool.

Today is almost all business meetings. First up is a massage therapist owner. I know she would like to use my office, but with her cheap prices I don't know how she is going to pay me. I'm wondering if she is even considering that since I'm not giving my space away for free.

As most people close to me know I usually move into positions of leadership in any organization I join. My vice president role in my networking group is coming to an end. So I'm taking that experience on the road and becoming an assistant director to get more exposure and hopefully more referrals. I'm going to try to shoot for 3-4 more meetings a month to maximize my marketing. And since I'm being paid for it I'm going to get the most out of it.

The Planner and I had a great night last night. It's like a mini vacation for both of us. A nice little oasis where we can relax together. I have to admit she is a lot better sleeping in bed now. She's come along pretty far in a short period of time. I really expected her to take longer to get use to sharing her bed with me.

This morning after stating a bunch of things she loved about me she said, "I think I love you." It was very cute and a big step for her. The Planner still jokes about marrying me in different context. I'm always like sure which I think throws her. I think she expects me to get flustered. I'm no where near to truly wanting to marry her, but everything I have experienced so far has been good. At least all this positive stuff is no where after sex when she's agreeing to anything. LOL.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Forget the massage therapist owner, she won't be able to pay you and you will end up getting annoyed.

Leadership positions are a good thing to move into - glad that is representative of you and what you do in the organizations that you join, Mike.

Be VERY careful of answering 'sure" to Plannner if that isn't the way you feel. She may believe that that means yes and you two are on the same page.


LOL. At least your honest with yourself.


I'm with Loving Annie forget that massage therapist-

I'm gonna have to read more about the Planner, but it sounds like you are having a good time together so no matter how it ends up, you at least have that.


honesty is a good thing, I agree with Annie... try to hold back the "sure" unless you are postive on a yes...

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