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Sane Friends

End of the Day

The end of the busy day brought one of my patients dropping a kite off for Eric. So instead of the batting cage we went to the park. Kite flying didn't go to well. Eric got pretty frustrated fast and soon gave up. I tried to turn his thoughts to the fun was us doing things together like he had mentioned during the day. However it didn't work. He got into a mood and I let him sit on the hill to sort it out.

Afterwards he rolled himself down the hill which gave him a mighty headache. So for the night he has been in a bad mood. It all started this morning when he realized that he had 3 days left in his visit. This is a big contention between us. Enjoy the time you have left or be bummed out on what is going to end.

It's the Planner's 2 year anniversary of her father's death today. We texted, but she asked if we could talk tomorrow on the phone. I understood, but I'm missing her.

Tomorrow is a slower day in the office and a trip to the batting cage is in order.

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