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Sane Friends

You are about to die in a Nuclear Fire

I always like to hear on the radio that the sound you just heard was the test of the local nuclear power plants warning system. If this would have been an actual emergency you would be dead by now. Actually I didn't hear it, but the Planner did so I texted her to let her know what it was.

Since I'm on the subject of the Planner it was very funny last night when we were talking.

Planner: So what did they say about your mom?
Me: Who?
Planner: The doctors when they called.
Me: What are you talking about?
Planner: What you texted me today about.
Me: Honey we haven't texted since I responded to your smooth entry.

After that their was a flurry of activity as she was looking through her phone. She was being instructed on the new computer system in her office when her boss from her second job texted (???) to say his mom had been diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. The Planner had thought it was me. So she was looking for "honey", "love", or "Stop by my place". ROFLMAO. She was in the clear, but she said she had to pay more attention to who she texts to.

Tomorrow is our 3rd monthaversary. She finds it very nice that I remember before her. However we remember different dates. She remembers when we first me and I calculate from our first date. Anyway not since my ex wife have I made it to the 90 day mark with anyone. Holy momentous occasions Batman! Not going to say anything to her about that since those facts seem to freak a little bit. I'm a bit bummed since we won't be getting together tonight. However the Planner is knee deep in work and wants to finish it before the weekend.

On my front the office is slower than molasses in January. Two days of reschedules has me doing a lot of side work. I can't take not generating money.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

It's nice to have new milestones. 90 days is a biggie.


90 days is usually my cut off. By then you either want something serious or to seriously kick them to the curb.


I'm hitting 6 months in 12 days. WOW, it's not just holey Batman, this is Robin serious. ;) It's really strange for me, but feels really good, too. I hope yours works out. Enjoy, and I agree with P.O.M. lol.

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