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Sane Friends

Rough Night

It was a different night with the Planner last night. We had talked Friday night and she was on the computer late which I joked that she would stay up late working on. She said she wouldn't, but as usual when she's on it time just flies for her.

It was great to see her and we joked around and talked after carrying her Ottoman upstairs. It was a big one like a table. Anyway she must of hurt herself carrying her end up the stairs because she started not to feel well. By the time we were in bed she was nauseous from the pain. I asked if she wanted me to work on her, but she just wanted quiet and to be left alone. So after a while we fell asleep. When I awoke in the morning she still felt horrible and hadn't slept at all. After a while she got up and I fell back to sleep. I awoke when she came up to get ready for work. She glared at me.

After her shower I apologized for falling back to sleep on her and she was snippy that I had been able to sleep while she was up. However she was too tired to talk about it and said she would talk about it when she felt better. After a few minutes she asked if I could go home so she could get ready since it was going to take all her focus. So I gave her a hug and told her to text me when she got to work so I knew she got there safe.

It's always hard for me to interact with someone I care about that is feeling bad and they won't let me help. I was able to process it, but it is still hard. However it did remind me of when I was married and my ex would get mad at me for sleeping when she had insomnia. So I wonder what the Planner will say or will it evaporate with a good night's sleep.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Actually, it's pretty self-centered and rude to get annoyed at you for falling asleep when she can't.

A : It isn't your fault she can't sleep

b) she refused help

c) it isn't your responsibility to be miserable because she is

d) if she was in major pain and needed to be taken to urgent care / the e.r. and you refused to drive her or go with her and sit while she was being taken care of by staff, that's a different story.

But this ?

I suppose if she's constipated then you aren't supposed to go to the bathroom either, correct ?

If she is dieting then you can't even once have a steak and potato dinner with apple pie and vanilla ice cream for dessert ?

And if she's not horny, then you don't get to have sex. And how rude of you to want it. You should have been as uninterested as she was, given that you two are twin amoeba with no minds or desires or needs of your own.

Need I go on ?


I feel the same way as loving annie, Doc...


Wow, she seems a tad bit harsh. She didn't want help even after you offered it. She could have woken you if she was really hurting. Sorry she's acting this way. :(


So, is this the point where it all went downhill, or? If she was upset for more than a morning's not feeling well crankiness, then my guess is that there's something underlying going on. Or was. Or, I don't know. Something she wants to work on in herself by herself perhaps. Hopefully these few days of limited contact has her doing that, and things can improve. If you want, of course.

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