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How Did I Get Here?

Now I know you are all being grossed out and wondering why I would show such a disgusting picture. Well for the few that read my other blog you know this was some woman's main picture for her dating profile. Yes I shit you not! Hey I know I get a big rubbery one when a chic with a bloody knife sticking out of her eye. Really what were you thinking?
Anyway the point I started with here is I had to do a presentation this morning for one of my networking groups that is in trouble. I grew up a shy guy. I know looking at me now most would never know. However deep down I still have the memories. So when I'm doing a lively power point presentation for a crowd of cadavers it makes me wonder "how did I get here?" Let me tell you brain eating zombies would of had more life than this crowd. I truly don't see any hope for them since the president seems not to give a shit about anything. But back to me since this is my blog.
I'm reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad which is a book on finances. So far it has been good to re-enforce what I've learned over the last year which is when I'm fearing money problems not much is happening except that I'm worrying a lot. However when I can switch my mindset on how to make money my problems slip away. All this brings me back to this morning. I guess I've always known I had this potential, but fear has always held me back. Knowing you have potential and never using it is pretty depressing let me tell you. Expressing this potential lights me up like a thousand points of light. Hey I know you're only suppose to use that reference for charity events so sue me.
The one thing that I find still holding me back is being liked. It's a strong desire to break even when I know what needs to be done. At some point I'll learn a tool to break the bonds of this, but for now it still prevents me from soaring.

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I'd hate to see the kind of pictures she would text a guy after they'd been dating awhile...

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