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The Age Old Question

I'm processing so bear with me. One of the things I think most people hate about dating is that hole you feel open up in you like a sink hole when something goes wrong. This opens up less and less with me, but it still appears. The question that comes out of it in many different forms is "what's wrong with me?" If I don't stop, wrestle, and process this it will run through my insides tearing me up. So I'm processing. I know this has nothing to do with me and I can say that, but I always need a physical outlet for my feelings and writing fills that for me. I've evaluated the night in question enough times that to do more means it's become an obsession. My lesson here? Own my power in a relationship. I like nipping and tucking like a bonsai plant. However there are times when some major course correction is needed. The relationship will either change or crash on the rocks. I have no desire to travel down the road my ex and I went down. It was very long and painful. I would rather stab myself with a knife since it would be faster than the slow life drainng process. So it will be a day of action, thinking of what boundaries I will want instead of spinning my wheels with insane question "what's wrong with me?"

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I so understand that... My empathy, Mike.

The only thing wrong with you is questioning what's wrong with you --instead of knowing your boundaries have been violated and calling her on it, letting her know she's got one more chance and then maybe walking away if she pulls that game playing evasive non-communication crap one more time.


Okay, guess this is a read every last entry you've made to figure out what happened (or, didn't happen) enlightening. I'm sorry, Mike. I don't know yet what did / didn't happen, but seems something did. It's good you have grown as much as you have, to know that you do deserve boundaries. Even if someone is hurting you. And, wondering her side of things, too.

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