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Sane Friends

Temporary Insanity

That's the best way I can describe the Planner when she stresses out. She's been stressing the last 2 weeks with work. In this mind frame she rattle somethings that have been on her mind. Usually it's very quiet on my end after she's finished. Mostly because I'm biting my tongue on saying WTF! Last nights journey into the Twilight Zone was about networking. Their was something about our differences since I'm a heavy networker and see is not. I would describe it, but since it didn't make sense I'll refrain from making a substance resembling guacamole come out your ears. The second was how she meets these couples that must really help each other like a realtor and loan officer. Yeah that's nice honey, but that doesn't relate to us. So about 10 minutes later she finished and returned to Virginia from Oz. I'm learning to just let her decompress and don't try to enforce any reality to it since that just drives me nuts.

Well only one reschedule so far. Hopefully that will be it for the day. Oye. I've turned up my networking a notch with a book giving a weekly activity to increase business. Today I had to step up to the plate for one of my groups that I assistant direct. I became president for a day which I hoped showed them a different way of doing things to help motivate them for change. Their a good group just need a push in the right direction.

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