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Sane Friends

Rainy Day Feeling

Our once a year northeaster is here. Dumping inches of rain with 40 mile an hour winds. It really put a damper on my senior fair today, but I think I did okay with the staff that worked at the Jewish Center. If the $5 coupons work for the massage therapist I'll be happy.

The Planner stopped by yesterday since she was on this side. It's always awesome to see her and especially when she shows up in my office. We hit a bunch of the thrift stores in the area and then retired to the Cheesecake factory for some snacks. What's funny is that she finds these mid week get togethers at night to throw her off track even though she loves seeing me. I have no problem switching gears at night since it would be just like we were married. I on the other hand find the lunch time get togethers hard to switch gears even though I wouldn't trade them for the world. The Planner finds those easy. Go figure.

Business is slow as hell this week. I hate when that happens especially when its the end of the month. Working on bringing new business in each day, but it takes awhile to see the results grow to fruition.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

Rainy days and Monday's always get me down too!

I love shopping at the thrift stores! I found my nieces a barbie play house for Christmas last year, brand new for $5 at the good will...LOL At Target they wanted $60!!!

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