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Sane Friends

I Swear

I swear people are asshats. My single's group is a good example of this. While most members are normal a few sub-morons do get in through my strict screening process of send a picture. One that is off you not a purple monkey or of you jerking off. Use your first name not sexy4u. I think the biggest problem is people don't read. We're a singles activities site, not a dating site. However people still don't get it, so once I month I send out our rules. One of the biggest is don't contact other members until you meet them. Some guys just troll the members pages looking for attractive women to shout out at. The biggest problem these brain dead trolls do is that they do this to a bunch of women. Saying the same message to all of them. The problem is that a shout out post it for everyone to see. Yes you look like a big loser when everyone can see you did this to 5 different women. Anyway I just sent the rules out yesterday and our biggest asshat did it again. First thing today he's shouting out again. I think I'm going to have to make an asshat rule. If you are one you're banned, no questions, do not pass go, don't collect $200.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I can't stand these imbedded ads. What's up with them, anyway, do you get money if someone clicks on them?
Anyway, yeah, pretty laughable when someone "shouts out" to 5 different people, and yet EVERYONE can read it. LOL. Headache for you, of course, but if I was a member, I'd likely decide to be amused by it and delete. Still, you need to get rid of these jerks.

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