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I got ready to leave the office to head over to a networking event when I realized I didn't have. SHIT! I tore my office and my car apart pretty quickly. Finding nothing I realized I had it at Hardees 2 hours prior and I had come straight back to the office. I really didn't expect anything when I went back there and I wasn't surprised. They had no clue about it. So I went back to office to grab my check books and go to my banks. My business bank knows me and easily cancelled my old card and ordered me a new one. My personal bank was funny and asked me for ID to get a new card. I looked at her. If I had ID I wouldn't be here. So I asked her to block the card. I have a friend in another branch and I'll call her tomorrow to get me a new card.

I lost all my Mom's ID along with mine. Where my mind went was the cost to replace everything. It took me a while to realize that nothing was irreplaceable and I only had $6 in the wallet. It's just a annoyance to have to get new stuff. I have an expired driver's license, my extra gym ID, and my spare health insurance card. So I have a start. Oh well I was thinking of getting a new wallet anyway.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

I found you thru Charmaine. Anyway - that sucks! My life is in my purse. I would freak if I lost it.

I checked out your other site. HOLY SHIZ - that is some funny stuff. I actually thought to myself "no wonder I'm still single" a couple times. I kid.

But seriously, I guess dating is just as creepy for men as it is women.


Oh man that just sucks!!! I am glad you didn't lose more cash than you did, but I am really sorry you are gonna have to go through all that hassle to get replacement cards and stuff.

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