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It Finally Happened

As most of you probably know I run a large singles group in my area. Most of the time it's fun, but at times it's like running a kindergarten class. Anyway it finally happened and it took longer than I thought. I get at least 3 applications a day to join the group. Yeah I'm surprised too. Most people I decline since they don't have a picture and I never hear from them again. Anyway I get one from a guy yesterday and I get thumb nails of their pictures. So I look and I'm like WTF is that guy jerking off? So I have to enlarge the pic to see what they hell is going on because I've been misled before. Anyway this guy is laying in his bed. He is naked and showing off his tribal tattoo on his hip. His business is covered with a sheet and his clenched hand is over it. So now I know why I thought he was jerking off. Why he thought this was a good picture is beyond me. Anyway he also has his cat sitting next to him in his bed. I guess it's the closest to pussy that he's come. Hey I couldn't help it.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

What a freak. Some people don't know what appropriate is. There is a place for pictures like that - your group wasn't one of them.


Now I would be tempted to post it if he had two hands over his "stuff", but one hand... must be tossed away...


That's classic! What is wrong with some people? I wonder if he knew the application would be going to a man...


OH for the love of the sweet baby Jesus and all that is holy...POST THAT PIC!!!!!

That is good blog food if I EVER heard it!

If nothing else...men...WE DON'T need to SEE the little fella...~rolls eyes~

OK, Im off...But I will be monitoring to see if you post it!

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