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Language of Love 2

It was a bumpy start to the Planner's and I weekend. I thought I texted her through the day, but I forgot to hit the send button. So when we were talking she said something about not believing me. Whether she was joking or not I couldn't tell. Looking back I would say joking since she was poking fun at me all night long. However it's a sensitive spot for me since my ex use to blast me with that. It's a shot at my character which I work hard to make high. I excused myself to the bathroom like Travolta in Pulp Fiction to work it out. It took me about a minute to work it out, but let me tell you in those first few seconds I was like I could just walk out and be done with this. Happy that I think now before reacting.

We spent the evening wrapped up on the couch playing Uno and the Planner got to have some of the chocolate I brought. She loved the toffee chocolate mix. The chocolate dissolves first leaving the toffee for afterwards. I was told it was the best and it lived up to its name.

One thing I'm finding that I have a higher sex drive than the Planner. I have to admit out of all the women I've dated only L had a higher sex drive than I. No complaints here since I get so much else from her in other areas. So it's just something I noticed.

Physical touch is both our languages of love. Usually the Planner likes to get up and going in the morning while I like to relax with her in bed. If I'm alone it's another story. So this morning was really nice to lie their and massage each other knowing we are saying, "I love you" with each touch. It was such a great time she was already thinking of trying to squeeze us seeing each other again during the week.

On other fronts I can't wait to get my cards back tomorrow. Not having access to my money over the weekend really sucks.

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