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Sane Friends

Just a Saturday Night

Well whatever screwed my stomach up really did a number on me. By the time Game night came around I felt like heaving. So I grabbed one of their big waters and downed the mother. I felt much better afterwards. While I still felt like I had some rocks in my stomach the feeling that I was going to upchuck was gone. Surprisingly everyone who signed up for Game night didn't show, however another woman did show since she was close by. So the night wasn't a complete loss we played a bunch of games. However Starbucks was a freezer and by the time I left I was frozen.

Both the Planner and I were tired last night. It was good to see her and she enjoyed the flowers I got her. We both just vegged until we went to sleep. It was funny when I got into bed I reached over and gave her a kiss which she responded she would kiss me in minute when she could move. That turned out to be this morning. While I felt better after sleeping I had almost fevered dreams and never really got a good rest.

The Planner is a workaholic which she is working to break the more she hangs with me. However their are times when she has to rationalize it when I'm just relaxing in bed with her and she wants to get up and go and I want to stay and relax. I told her Sunday mornings are my only time to sleep in and be lazy. If we had the whole day together we would have like 15 hours together. Holding and massaging each other for a few hours was a simple pleasure that I worked for. She seemed to get it.

Now I know my handwriting is atrocious since I took Doctor's Handwriting 101. However this is the first time someone handed me a check back saying they weren't sure about the written amount. Go figure.

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