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Sane Friends

Skip the Line Fandango

With no one coming into the office today it was a day of sleeping in. It didn't happen with Phili. I think instead of keeping all her money in her mattress she must keep it in the car since it's like the first thing she checks when she gets up in the morning. So I did my usual Sunday routine a day early. Get up read the paper, have a cup of tea, and then head back to sleep. It worked out pretty nice. I was then able to head over to the gym to work out.

I think I'm getting a mild obsession with Phili. She's attractive in her tiny outfits, she's a wounded bird, and she's only 10 feet away from me. The thing is I know it's not a good thing. If we weren't pushed together in a living situation, I know she would just float away in my mind.

Tomorrow I have my second big patient appreciation event. We made it late afternoon so it wouldn't interfere with people getting ready for work on Monday. However it's suppose to be a gorgeous day outside tomorrow. With scheduling I can't get a singles event happening. So in joking with one my ex's L we're going for a walk on the beach tomorrow with her dog. It'll fit in there nicely. Some great outdoors, good conversation, and a reason to get out of there is she wants to get frisky.

Oh it was very cool this morning. We had a hawk land on the patio railing and just sit there. It was really cool to watch. However when I went for my camera it took off.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

I slept in until 1pm this morning. It was so fabulous. Enjoy it when you can.

Ahh..... who can resist a damsel in distress in a tight outfit ? lol
Certainly not your landlord, thats for sure.....

Have fun on the beach.........

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