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Saturday Tidbits

"I have all the money I'll every need if I die by 4 o'clock today." ~ Jack Benny

I do want to thank everyone on there kind comments on my money problems. This year I owe the IRS and with paying off my Mom's stuff it's like an extra $700 being paid out each month. So that blows a hole through my budget for the month. The economy is affecting the area since there are almost no part time jobs. Usually there is a healthy list of them. Now besides selling Avon there isn't much. However as I'm always remembering 1 extra patient per week can make the difference up.

In recent weeks pregnant women has started coming in as they all start talking. So I'm running the vein in an attempt to talk to more of them. However it's a weird area. Pretty much one medical system has a monopoly here. It's strange that there are no Lamaze classes. All the pregnancy classes are in the hospitals themselves. When Eric was born there were so many community classes and different options. Here there isn't which is weird. I have a few leads and I'll run them down Monday.

Also I'm still trying to get my weight loss and smoking cessation programs going. A lot of people have had interest, but still no takers. So that's the other direction I'm taking.

Today I'll be hanging out with 2 different women that I don't want to date. The Widow and I are having a bite to eat after the movie today with the singles. Then tonight L and I are listening to that 13 year old's guitar show. I'm just saying it here so that I don't get an hidden agenda going in the back of my mind.

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