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Interpersonal Relationships & Wall-E

I wanted some social activity today and I wasn't quite sure how the weather would be so I picked a movie. The cheap movie house had Wall-E which I heard was good so I made my decision. The Widower was there early for some strange reason. Actually I was surprised to see him there since he didn't sign up nor did I think it was his kind of movie. He was very excited to see the Photographer when she arrived. I know he was been wanting to go out with her and been "touchy feely" with the women since they bring their concerns to me. So far they have wanted to take care of it on their own which I have been thankful for.

Anyway it was funny he went to give her a full body hug and she stopped him quick with her hand. The Photographer informed him he was getting a shake. I usually shake every one's hand, but she gave me a full hug.

Out of all the women I know the Photographer is the only one on my list of possibilities of dating. I know she likes me which always makes it hard for me to be objective. There are things on both sides of the list to go out with her. I know I would like definites, but that is an impossibility. At this moment I'm not looking to date so if she is still available when I am I just may.

1 people had cathartic therapy:

No movie review, or discussion of the interpersonal relationships within the movie? :) Hey, I liked it.

Knowing when NOT to date is also important.

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