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Sane Friends


That's how I feel at the moment after the Planner stopped here. I thought it was my patient coming back in for some reason. It was a real freakin' surprise to see her standing there. She looked good, but I had no idea how to act. So I made small talk while the gibbering monkey part of my brain went completely ape shit. I think I would have been more prepared for Ed McMahon to come in with my Publisher's Clearing House check even though I didn't play. Anyway she wanted to give me all my stuff back. So I helped her take it all out of her car. She answered all my questions about her car and job a little weirdly. Hey she had the heads up we were meeting. I didn't know how to end it so I gave her a hug and said goodbye. She said I hadn't changed being all bubbly then she told me to drop her a line sometime. I'm so happy that I don't have an appointment for a while since my brain is a bit fried.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Bumping into ex's always does that too me. In my case they were abusive (fill in the blank)....sigh..now it's not so much fear as how the hell did you ever see anything in that. The attractiion definitely goes away in time. Here's to hoping it comes sooner for you dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo


Beeeyoych ! She didn't even have the humility or the empathy to say she was sorry for not communicating with you about how she just up and left with the silent treatment.
Glad you got your stuff back, totally understand why you felt os scrambled inside, and grrr - she's an immature assette (female version of assclown and not a compliment)


That was pretty uncool of her to do. Witch.

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