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Sane Friends

Thursday Wrap Up

One of my friends asked if I was happy that CPA girl called back. I had to say not really since I don't feel she is going to call. My gut tells me something is up. I don't think she is trying to screw with me or anything. Just something is going on and I have no idea what. If she calls to get together great, if not no big deal.

I love it when it drizzles the nights I have pizza. I don't really get wet and the oven just vomits out pizzas. It's great. Although I have to admit tips were either great or non existent tonight. I got one pantless guy tonight. I have to admit at least he admitted it, had a robe, and never came from behind the door. A few questions did come to mind. Like if your going to spank the monkey do it before you order or at least wait till you get the pizza. Also if you had enough energy to get up and get a robe, just through some pants on instead. Now that I remember it I did have a woman do something similar tonight. I have no idea what she was wearing in the house with her young daughter and teenage son, but it took her forever to put on a robe that was so tightly bound around her I couldn't believe she could breathe.

I was able to get off early without doing my duties tonight which was great. I was tired, but it was still early enough to go to salsa. So I shot down there and the crowd was better than last week, but still a little light. My Tuesday night instructor was there and we got to dance a little. Knowing the basics I was able to hop in mid way of the class. However at break I sat down and I could close my eyes and be asleep. I had pushed myself so I headed on home. Tomorrow since I'm not working or seeing CPA girl I'll come home and relax.

Since CPA girl is uncertain I put in for days I want off next week. Next Thursday so I can make the full class and next Saturday so I can hit the Neptune Festival.

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I am sorry to hear that your relationship with CPA Girl isn't working out. It sounds like you are right. There's something up with her. Whatever it is, just know that you can touch my boobs and feel all better. ;-)


I think you should just ask her straight up what's going on.
No point second guessing and wasting time.


I'm glad to hear you are moving forward with your own plans. That's great Mike. She'll come around or not, but you shouldn't have to chase her down.



Good Friday afternoon to you, Mike !

Bummer about CPA girl. I like happy endings with no hassle, and she's not taking that path. Yet.

Spank the monkey. Is that the same as choke the chicken ?

What is the Neptune Festival ?


Bottle - I'll be on the first plane down for some comfort. On a side note one of patients just came back from her reunion. They forgot to tell her it was changed to casual and she dressed to the 9's. She said she caused quite a stir.

Steph - If we ever meet up again I will. If it dies won't really matter.

Cinn - I don't chase anyone down anymore. Too much work for very little return.

Annie - Yes it falls under the same heading as beat the bishop. The Neptune festival is the local event when we take back the beach since all the tourist left. I'll have pics next week.


Mike - Put CPAGirl outta your mind. Just like the book title, She's just not that into you. It is nothing personal, it sounds like its just not "clicking". The thing is, she probably can't put her finger on why its not working either, it's just not for her... and since she probably can't explain why its just not clicking for her with a perfectly nice guy, she's just hoping if she says nothing the message will get conveyed without anyone having to have a award/painful conversation.

This thing is very common with thr roles reversed.

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