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Sane Friends


It was truly weird to have yesterday off from both jobs. Salsa was cancelled. Free time? What the hell is this? Well I took care of all the stuff I have been pushing off for the last few weeks and got it done, plus relaxed. However I still had free time before I got together with friends last night. I know enough people that do nothing and I strive not to be that way. So I remembered Baxter's in Norfolk near where we were suppose to meet up. It was nice I got to play a few games and enjoy myself. However tobacco is still the number 1 crop here so smoking is still in a lot of establishments and the laws to ban them have been shot down. It's a weird state. Like you can wear a gun in the open here since it is not a concealed weapon. Just have a licence. If you put it under your jacket then you're breaking the law. Weird.

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