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Dude, where's your pants?

This happened not once, but twice tonight at pizza. My manager had already warned my they had been strange on the phone. So the first guy I know I've been there before and he's not a tipper so I'm looking forward to the delivery. Anyway when I get there their is a bad of garbage on his doorstep which is on the third floor. Yeah I love trekking up 3 flights of stairs to get stiffed. Anyway I knock ... I knock again ... knock yet again. Then my phone comes out and I call and get nothing. So I'm like I'm not coming back tonight if he calls for it. Anyway I get down to my car when I hear the door open up and the guy is calling for me. Bastard! So I make the trek back upstairs to find the guy in his underwear. I really don't want to know if that's a hard on he has. So I give him the receipt to fill out which he does and actually gives me $2 for a tip. I'm amazed.

The second guy was better. My manager couldn't understand him on the phone so besides his order I'm either delivering 4 Cokes or 4 Sprites. This guys speech must REALLY suck if you can't tell the difference. So I have to lug all this crap to his house. So I'm waiting and finally the door opens up and I tell him how much it is. It's kind of dark in the house and he's holding his hand out, but it's still inside. After a few I realize he is holding out money while trying to hold a towel around his waist even though he is wearing a business shirt. Like WTF! Put some clothes on before you answer the door. Now NONE of the women have this problem. Anyway this guy gave me a $12 tip so he can do whatever the hell he wants. He can clamp a mousetrap on his balls for all I care for that kind of money.

Well the frazzleness of the day continued into the night. When I got to pizza I looked at the schedule only to find that I was not leaving at 9 to go dancing, but I was closing alone. Now I truly HATE closing. You're there late, lot of extra cleaning work, little extra money. Now on a Friday or Saturday night that could mean significant money, but on a dead night like tonight it royally sucks. I sat around for hours doing nothing and I couldn't fucking leave. The great piece of news was that I was now working Friday when I was suppose to be going out with CPA girl. SHIT! I'm really happy we're getting together tomorrow for lunch and I hope she is free Sunday now. I did make sure to now have Wednesdays and Fridays off in the future. We talked tonight and are both looking forward to seeing each other. It's nice to feel a little electricity in our conversation.

Many people sent me condolences on my Dad and I thank you. However he is just my biological Dad. I haven't talked to him in 17 years. My ex or Eric have never met him. The last time we talked was the fourth time he wanted a separation between us. I said to myself I don't fucking need this anymore. I needed a Father when I was young and then in my twenties I was just beyond it. The only good my Dad can do me know is whatever money I get when he dies. Sorry to sound like a ghoul, but it's the truth. He stole a lot of money from his mom and all the grandchildren when his father died. His siblings are waiting for him to die and they are making sure I'm going to go after the money for myself and Eric. There was a point I didn't want the money, but now I see it as a way that I could see my son every month. It took my Mom 3 strokes for us to have a decent relationship. Let me tell you there isn't much left. Now with my Dad it may take his death to finally do something useful for me.

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Hey, I'm curious. What is a good tip for delivering pizza? By percentage, like in a restaurant?

RE your parents...you don't pick them, you just have to deal with them. I deal with the same, and I've never understood why, and still don't.


OMG!!! I totally say the exact same thing about my mom!! The best thing she could ever do for me in my lifetime is leave me tons of money (that she's siphoned from all the men she suckers into marrying her) when she dies.

Yeah...not gonna happen. She always spent it as fast as she got her grubby hands on it. Hmph!

Sounds like pizza last night was quite the adventure. I especially like the fact that for a $12 tip he could put "mousetraps on his balls" and you'd be okay seeing that. ha..ha.ha...!!!!

Hey -- what kind of car do you drive for this. I'm hoping something with good gas mileage. ;)


Little - I would say under $20 a solid tip is 3. Over I would say 5. If the driver is rude as some of them are you can lower.

Cinn - I drive a Sebring and I get about 25 mpg. Some of the other guys drive these huge trucks and run the AC I don't know how they do it. We get paid for gas, but you run that AC and forget about it. Can't wait for it to get cold. That pizza's gonna keep me nice and warm.

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