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Sane Friends

Hey It's Christmas

I guess the universe does love me. Two fellow bloggers or would it be bloggettes have declared a boobage war. Yes true English words have gone out the window, but who cares. I've been asked to judge this contest of mammaries. This war has become fierce and two others have been drawn into this contest of bloggetes gone wild. Anyway I'm spreading the word to help get votes for these lovely ladies and if anyone else wants to join in let them know. There will be no foriegn objects allowed although this no nudity rules needs to be thrown out to have a real contest.

The Contestants

5 people had cathartic therapy:

**Ha..ha..ha.. I STILL say the use of foreign objects is perfectly allowed since MissM started off with the belly button ring. I cry foul since my body has rejected every piercing I've tried! Tattoo's on the other hand... Hmm...maybe I can use that to my advantage. ;)


oh man, what has happen to your blog?


Cinn you are just envious of me thats all. Besides that piercing doesnt even come out. So stop hating


You forgot to tell everyone about the rules...namely, that they have to vote for ME.

Geez...I gotta do everything around here.



It's a stiff competition but nobody has boobage like me.

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