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While driving tonight at work I was thinking of something German Girl said today. She said maybe she's the one. It must be a girl thing cause I've never thought of the one. Before marriage I have no idea what I was thinking. Now a days I date because I like how it challenges me to grow in areas that I can't do as a single. I know it might sound like I'm freaking out with my entries and sometimes I am, but usually I'm just trying to sort it all out. The women I pick usually have qualities that I like and want for myself. CPA girl loves life and is very focused. She has many other great qualities, but these stand out to me. So you know CPA girl is not a CPA. She is studying to be one. She was a realtor, but didn't like it. On finding numbers she fell in love with accounting and is trying to finish as soon as possible. So Tuesdays and Thursdays she is in class 1 - 10 pm. Plus classes scattered the rest of the week.

So we talked tonight and we'll see each other Friday and hopefully part of the day either Saturday or Sunday since I have to work those nights. I may give up salsa on Thursdays so I can take off Wednesdays to see her twice which will leave me 2 nights to salsa still. I don't want to give up my healthy stuff, but some give in take is necessary.

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Maybe it's just me Mike, but for my part -- I'm absolutely terrified of finding "The One" right now. I really feel like I was too wrapped up in my last relationship and lost too much of myself in trying to keep it working.

Now..now I just want to be me. I want to do what I want, when I want and I don't want anyone else to have any kind of say in that. Which isn't exactly conducive to a relationship, now is it? Just like you say -- you are thinking of giving up Salsa on Thursday in order to fit some time in to see CPA girl.

Does that mean you like her that much that you would do that? It's a compromise I can't say I would make, but then, this is about you and not me.

Do you really want to give up something you are enjoying in order to try and "fit" CPA girl into your schedule? Is she worth it?

yeah..that's just me and my irrational issues talking, but hey..it's a thought, right? :)

Good luck!! You deserve to be happy.

And yeah, I totally get that you are blogging as a "sound board" for what's going on in your head. I'm just tickeled that you let the rest of us goobers semi-share in AND comment on your life. hee..hee..!


Well Cinn if it was the only day I danced then no, but since it is the third time in a week yes. And yes I do like her and I think it is worth it. Most likely since we then can salsa together on Friday. Pretty sweet huh?


Yea you! I'm glad it makes you happy! (she makes you happy) and I'm STILL totally jealous of the salsa dancing.

I'd *love* to learn how, but I've never met a man who was strong enough (both physically and willed) to NOT let me lead. ha..ha.ha..!

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