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Role Playing Part 2

Boy did I get a lot of emails on this one. The biggest thing I needed to clear up was that putting on a just a costume is dress up. When you role play you become someone different. It's almost like therapy between the people involved. You get to express yourself freely and really push the envelope with yourself. RP Girl wanted to improve her sexual relationships. I just like it. As you work your way through it you find out things about yourself. What you like and don't like in a different light. The biggest thing I can say is your sex life is changed forever.

4 people had cathartic therapy:

Ha..ha..ha.. I actually had a pretty good idea on this one and no, I didn't think costumes were involved. :) Yiffing and scritching just isn't conducive to improving relationships. *giggle*


Whatever you call it, living it out online does not let you discover what you like and don't like, that you only learn thru flesh and blood trial and error. You may be exposed to new and unique ideas, but what something "feels" like in cyberspace will rarely simulate what the real life version is like.


and why are your making your blog non-work friendly?

who are you? tack2?


I am sure you will attract a slew of readers after that pic you posted. :-)

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