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Sane Friends

Thursday Night

Well first of all I would like to thank everyone for calming my nerves on the age thing. CPA Girl is mature beyond her years so I don't care about her age whatever it is.

My business networking social was fun. It was especially nice for me to feel I fit in and to see others uncomfortable. To have fully turned a corner with it felt really good. Loan lady has an awesome house on a lake. It was very relaxing. It was nice to meet spouses and kids. At times it was like a nursery. When half the people were leaving I figured I'd cut out and go to salsa since the rest were more sports fans and they were over by the big plasma with ESPN on.

I was a little anxious about getting to salsa late, but since I had the basics down I figured I could handle it. Holy crap it was empty tonight. The bartender who remembers me, she had no idea why it was so. Their didn't seem to be any instruction going on. Joey was doing some one on one with one couple. Everyone else was couples on the dance floor. The few single women had already been swooped up by the experienced guys. So I hung for about 15 minutes then headed down to the boardwalk. I figured since I was down there I might as well enjoy.

I didn't hear from CPA girl today. I'll give her a call tomorrow. I'm a little anxious. I know if we get past a third date we'll go for a while. So I'm anxious to get over the hump.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

Good luck with that third date!


Whooo..hooo..just be careful, you know what ST says about Date #3. ha.ha.ha..

Have a great weekend Mike! :)

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