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Sane Friends

Date #2

It worked out well. My noon patient rescheduled for tomorrow so I was already when CPA Girl called. It was great to see her and she looked awesome. Since it was a beautiful day and I knew she liked seafood I decided on Chix's. It's right on the water so we could sit and enjoy the weather. So it was really nice. Having grown up on the water I use to many things. Like we were seated above the water and you could here the waves when a boat went by. CPA girl is from a landlocked place so the sounds of water are new to her.

We continued to increase our list of things we wanted to do together in the area. So we have no shortage of activities just time. CPA girl is starting to worry about her test in February. She needs it to practice and failure would push all her stuff back. So we were able to talk about that and different items from our backgrounds.

Since she wasn't dressed for it we passed on a walk on the beach and instead went for a walk in the park. Silence is golden. It's one of the things I love of the area. When you go out into nature you don't hear anything except it. We did get to kiss some more on a bench and I'm getting more acclimated to her kissing. She's a wide kisser and I'm getting use to it.

She has some great qualities, but it's something inside of her that I can't fully identify that draws her to me. I think that she is driven like me and maybe more so. I don't meet many women like that and I like it. I guess because it has defined me I'm attracted to it.

I want to see her more often as she me, but I think this slow build up is good. I can almost feel myself wanting to act like the relationship is further along, but it only date #2. I know that is me wanting to be at some future point. I do have to admit I wasn't nervous today and was able to enjoy the day.

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How awesome! All the boys areound me are dating. See how great it is to befriend me? Ok fine....I really had nothing to do with it. Congrats!


Very nice. Glad it was a great date.


Okay...what does it mean to be a "wide kisser"?? huh??huh?? Inquiring minds want to know. :)

Making out on a park bench?? Dude, you've got to stop reading ST's blog...ha..ha..ha..

Congrats! I'm glad it went well. Wow, she's stressing a test that is about 5 months away? Oh yeah...defnitely Type "A".. !


M - LOL.

LJ- Thanks

Cinn - Hey ST did it in the middle of the night. It takes a real man to do it in the middle of the day.

Anyway a wide kisser. Hard to explain. If we smooch her lips are normal. However if we go for a bigger kiss her mouth opens wide. I feel she is trying to do something, but what I'm not quite sure. It is a lot easier for me lightly suck on her lower lip though. If it becomes a problem I'll broach the subject.


I'm envious of your proximity to the beach. What a wealth of great date opportunities that is!


Hmmm... heh.heh..heh.. You just said ST wasn't a "Real Man" bwa....ha..ha...! :)

Okay..got it...mouth opens wider. Not like "Oh my God she's trying to swallow my head" wide, I hope? *lol* sorry..couldn't resist.

Maybe it's just me -- But I generally wind up "schooling" men on kissing. Most of them go for the "tonsilectomy" version of slobber swapping and that just grosses me out. So they get the "kissing lesson" which is a 3 parter and generally involves me straddling your lap while you are on my couch...so I don't typically get any complaints AND I get better kisses from him. ;)

But it sounds like *YOU* might be the lesson giver this time..good for you. More good kissing in the world..we could all use that!


SWF42 - Yeah I've done a lot of beach walking, playing in the surf, and given the residents some nice make out shows.

Cinn - Hey if a woman hopped in my lap hey do whatever you like. Yeah it's not like she's ging to swallow my head or lick my entire face (that was weird). But it is weird not to have a seal. I'll use your move if it continues, but I'll put her in my lap.

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