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Sane Friends


What a snow ball day. It just kept building momentum till it's really big. Although as usual I know I am doing it to myself. It all doesn't have to happen today. I'm just being anal. I wasn't expecting to take the VP position in my business group till next month, but since the leaving VP is on vacation for 2 weeks I might as well step up to the plate. So it just made more work for me today :P while a new patient came in which was good, but it still all shortened my time down. So I can feel I'm tense. I feel like passing on dancing tonight, but I think the activity will help me unwind. CPA Girl won't be out of class till 10 so I'll call her afterwards to talk about tomorrow.

Other than that my Aunt told me that my father is not doing well. Like she said all the drinking and smoking has taken its toll with him. She said what is funny is that now he wants someone to help him after a lifetime of pushing everyone away. For I don't feel much I have more connection with you my readers than I have with my Dad. We were never close and that bond never formed.

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I feel your pain Mike. My dad has made many mistakes. And I havent seen him in three years. But a part of me is always wondering about him.


Eh! (shrugs) I haven't spoken to my mother in over 10 years. And I'm perfectly happy with that. She is a poisonous, toxic human being and I finally learned that I'm a better person w/o her around.

Just because they donated DNA to our genetic makeup, doesn't mean that they are automatically deserving of our love and attention. We learn, as we get older, who are true loved ones are.

I'm sorry for your "missing bond" but if you are okay with it, that's all that matters.

Keep your chin up and keep stepping to the beat (the MUSIC beat Mike.. not your own.. it's SALSA. Yeah!) :)


A snowball day indeed, Mike !

Our families can cause us so much pain with their dysfunctions...

My empathy, Mike... He los out, but so did you. You desreved a father who was present and loving and communicated well....

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