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More Pizza Stories

Actually it wasn't that strange of a night just a few minor quirks. The first was when I delivered a pizza and this Asian lady in a bathrobe opened the door. She's grabbing it tight so I know there's nothing underneath. She's like come in. I notice no ass so I don't have to worry about marrying her. My car is still running and it is the ghetto so I'm not going in. So then a guy comes down in his boxers and a t-shirt. I usually make a joke to myself while I'm waiting that people need to get dressed, get off the toilet, or stop smoking crack and open the door. Who knew I was right?

The other bizarre incident is that I'm driving through one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the area when all of sudden I hear this screaming. I look and an about 10 boys of about the same age are jumping up and down screaming totally covered in shaving cream. WTF? They were still doing it when I had to drive back pass them. Good thing school starts next week they're getting awfully bored.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

You're a chiropractor AND a pizza delivery boy? Damn, you must be busy.


you know.. that could be a selling point... after work you can bring over a pizza (ala opening porno scene)... and later you can give her adjustments :-)

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