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Sane Friends

An Incident

My Mom's place called my today to ask me what was the take on her right arm. Today she was unable to lift it and no one else there remembered her having that problem. Since they know I'm a doctor and visit often they wanted to see if I noticed anything. I told them she was okay the last time I saw her. So we figured she had an incident. A nice way to say it. The last one she had I was the one to notice it happening. So they are working her up. We talked about her flat affect which I said had been that way since the anti depressant started which is the opposite of what should happen. I stated that I hadn't heard that she was weepy and crying like she use to. So it's half of this and half of that. Mom says she's happy so what's to do. Most people believe that signing the DNR (do not resuscitate) order was hard, but when you live with it and slowly see the person being nickeled and dimed down the decision becomes very easy.

On the other hand my calls with Eric have dropped off the face of the earth. Whether my ex's time is being consumed with her father's care or not is irrelevant to me. Eric is a totally different subject. So that is my next hurdle to cross.

3 people had cathartic therapy:

:-( Mike, it sounds like you're going through very tough times with your mom and your son. I can't imagine having to deal with everything you have on your plate right now. My heart goes out to you.



My empathy for you with both your Mom and Eric. Neither situation is easy.
Thinking of you -
*cyber hugs*


I hope your mom is ok. How stressing for you.

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