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Well I found myself back in court again this morning for the signing of my divorce papers. I had a 9:30 docket and the judge was going to see it. Thank you. I get called in at noon. My new phrase for the week WTF! I missed an appointment since I knew it would take all of 60 seconds to take care of. The funny thing was that it was so anticlimactic and fast that I wasn't quite sure it was done until the judge started talking about the next case. Hey at least it is finally done after a little over 3 years. Let the celebration begin.

Feeling better than I did last night, but still surprised to find out L is so manipulative. For me I had thought I had gotten over that hurdle. The major women in my life have all been that way and I had hoped that I had worked through choosing them. My Mom's the big one and I guess she is my blueprint for a woman somewhere deep down. I remember doing exercises when I had first separated and the negative words that described the women in my life would be manipulative and sly. While they had good traits it would be these two traits that drove them in the relationship to whatever comfort zone they were looking for. Now I wonder if L will be following my movements with dancing since she knows of it.

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One day, I hope to be celebrating the same as you! Way to go!


Congratulations Mike! You are now free to move about the dating cabin freely. ha...ha..ha... Seriously, it's like a big weight is gone, isn't it? And now you can tell folks "divorced" (or single if you so chose) instead of "in the process".


and you made the right call on "L", I'm very impressed that you handled it so well. :)


Manipulative and sly -- how will you avoid picking a woman with those qualities next time around ?
Or will you just leave very quickly as soon as you see them ?
Progress is changing our choices, isn't it ? I love that we can do that !

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