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Sane Friends

Setting the Tone

My weekly business meeting was funny this morning. I walked out to find MK Lady and Energy girl talking as thick as thieves. So I asked what they were up to and they were hatching some plan to find me someone. So I had to tell them I was seeing CPA girl which began the interrogation. It was nice they were thinking about me. Many of my female friends say this, but I don't think it ever gets of the drawing board.

Anyway today was my first day as vice president. OMG did I get jokes made at my expense. I'm a tone setter . I told everyone what I was accepting and not excepting. It makes my life easier and helps the group out. I know how to lay the law down and boy did I hear it. Everyone liked it though which is good cause it will continue. We talked about that the leadership meeting afterwards. The last leaders did well since I think their goal was bodies in the seats. Now we want to tone those bodies to actually make the networking part work.

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