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I haven't blogged all day. Weird, very weird. I think I'm starting to go through withdrawal. At least no bugs are crawling over me. Although I walked through one huge ass spider web tonight. I then used the pizza boxes to finish hacking my way through. The spider was up in the corner so I was okay with it. I was even happier when Mr. Rich SOB gave me a freakin' dollar tip. Cheap bastard. However that seemed to be way the night went. Most people gave me spare change. "Oh I'm sorry I don't have any money." Then what the fuck are you ordering pizza for? On a bizarre note I did delivery a $37 pizza tonight. Yeah that was my reaction too. I was looking for a few more pies, desserts, sodas, cocaine in the cheese, something. It was just and extra large with everything on it and then some. The guy seemed okay with it. Please shoot me if I ever freakin' pay $37 for one freakin' pie. Let me see all the guys were wearing pants tonight. One woman might have been in her panties. She had one of those longish t-shirts on. It wasn't long enough to cover any shorts. So I'm not quite sure what she was wearing.

Other than that it was a quiet day. I got to relax after the gym which was a change from working the whole day. I did read a great article about another chiropractor. He got to a point where he got all his patients well and then was like "no what?" That's what I've been feeling like for a while. I have a great batch of patients now. They follow what they should do and they are staying healthy which is great, but it doesn't pay my bills. I would change how I treat since I don't want to make them depend on me since that isn't healthy. So I think I will add two new avenues of treatment in the office that people are looking for. Nutrition and weight loss. Most people do both of them in unhealthy ways and there is easy and natural ways to handle them. So that will be my work for the next few days.

It was interesting I was watching Two & Half Men today and I was like I'm glad I didn't have all that divorce drama. I really had to smack myself for saying that since it was far, far from the truth. I guess it has been 3 years now and since my ex stole all our money it was never about money. Only our son. However it did make me happy that it is all over.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

EVIL spiders and their webs of hell! I love walking outside to my car in the morning, happy as can be, only to have that happiness pissed on when I find that I am suddenly entangled in an intricate bitch of a web that runs from my car door to my hair to my face. God only knows where the spider is hiding.



IT is nice to be on the other side of the divorce drama. I didn't have any divorce drama to speak of, in fact our whole deal took all of two hours, and we laughed our way through it.
It's a shame it cost me $1000 but I guess I am lucky considering the horror stories I hear...

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