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Sane Friends


Talking to German Girl today. Since she wasn't born here she is my informant for everything across the pond. One of the things that was really frustrating me was CPA girls body language. To which German Girl states that American body language is different from the rest of the world. She related how she has many problems with people reading hers. What comes back to me is a guy I use to work for me married a Filipino woman. I remember him saying he didn't realize how much different the cultures were in small things.

I liked what Annie said as a comment in my last entry. Although I don't know if it will happen. CPA girl is driven and has herself on schedule to situate herself here. She wants to bring her mom over and start a family in the future. So to achieve those goals she is very diligent in her work. So she gives me different tidbits. Like she passed over the naked pictures of her the other night. She told me she'll save it for another time.

I'll bend on my side although I will not go backwards. If I'm important to her she will see she needs to bend too. Like all relationships it is the problem areas that will set the level of it.

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