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The Waiting Game

I hate the waiting game. Truly! I know that CPA girl would be finished with her review class by 12:30 so I jump every time the phone rings. I actually had to change her ring so that I wouldn't lose my mind. Still nothing. Since she has made calls to me out of the blue I leave today to her to return my call. I'll try again tomorrow if I don't hear anything to give it the last chance.

5 people had cathartic therapy:

I hate waiting too, but it's part of the process. The best thing for waiting is to live a good, active, friend-filled life and the rest will come as it should.


Mike....wait. I mean dont tell her you are waiting, but wait. Trust me on this one.


Good Wednesday afternoon to you, Mike.

I hate the waiting game too. I so hope that she calls you back !

Giving her until tomorrow is a good idea - she won't feel pressured, and she will know you are interested, which is a nice combination.


Ha..ha.ha... and now I get to be you telling ME to be patient... bwa..ha..ha..! :)


Sassy - good point and I'm trying to do that always.

M - Still waiting. I know to call now woul dbe from an insecure place and I don't want to do that.

Annie - nice thoughts and I hope it is so, but I think it is over.

Cinn - So it's you being me telling you as me to be patient?

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