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Sane Friends

Day without End

A slow day to begin a slow week. Yuck! I did all my paperwork that I needed to get done, got 2 referrals for friends, set up 2 presentations, and cleaned the office. However a patient cancelled and the other push her appointment back to later. So it is the endless hours which I find myself trying to occupy my time.

Here is my fun picture of the weekend. I tried to set my cruise control so I wouldn't speed, but there was no 1/2 on the control. So I pushed my luck and went 13. Yeah that's me the daredevil.

The funny events of my day would be actually there both Starbucks related. The first is when I was leaving this morning this married woman is just staring at my groin as I'm walking out. I didn't realize to I was right in front of her or I would have made a comment. The other is since they love me at Starbucks they gave me a coupon that if I bring someone with me we both get free drinks. Everyone I know is suddenly busy. WTF! People usually kill for this stuff now I'm offering a free drink and I can't get anyone. I have to Friday to use it. I might have to use this guys technique from when I worked in the theater. He never saw a movie alone. He always bought 2 tickets and asked a woman to join him.

2 people had cathartic therapy:

Hee..hee.... 12 1/2 ...THAT's funny!!! :)

Sooo.... was your fly undone?
Were you sporting a raging hard-on?
Was your shirt sticking out the fly?

What?? WHAT??? Why was she staring, damn it!

I mean, it could just be that you have a great "package" but I wouldn't know... you never posted a thong shot. hee..hee..hee.. (poke...poke..)


No everything looked good. It's funny my ex use to make a comment like "why are you always walking around with an erection?" I would be like WTH? I'll be happy to let you check, but she would just be looking for a fight.

Hey I'm not going out to buy a thong for you.

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