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Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Like About Virginia Beach

  1. 1. The Ocean - with the pods of dolphins that can be seen daily.

  2. 2. The Beach - which is cleaned daily most of the year.

  3. 3. The Bay - Ocean too far go to the bay. Water on 2 sides of the city is awesome.

  4. 4. Recreation Centers - $55 a year for a membership. Gym, classes, pool, bowling alley and more. It's awesome.

  5. 5. Parks - Fish, hike, camp there is something for everyone

  6. Boardwalk - biking and inline skating during the day. Concerts and musicians of all types at night.

  7. Spread out city - we may be the 32nd largest city in the US, but it's because we are just spread out all over the place.

  8. Cheap - I'm from NY so I can say this

  9. No Snow - a dusting here is the coming of the Apocalypse

  10. Not Hickey - with the Navy bases here the area is pretty cosmopolitan.

  11. Amphitheater - great concerts and cheap seats. Ranked #7 in the country

  12. Healthy - the city ranks as #1 or 2 healthiest city in the country and their is plenty to do to keep you healthy here

  13. Not the South - while many will contest this I still think of it as the North with some Southern charm

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