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Sane Friends


Well after I finished up with CPA girl today I was ready for bed. Sleep that is. I was already tired and the nice relaxing time we spent together just relaxed me more. I was happy to realize today that I did learn L's zen move of being at peace during the moments of silence. I can almost feel myself tense then I just relax and enjoy the moment. When we get together next time we need to do something so it will increase our conversation. CPA girl is stressing with her studies so it comes back as a topic. I was very happy that she thanked me for the meal today. She didn't last time and I know some women never do. I'm happy to pay, but I do like the thank you as a courtesy. I left her a message tonight when I left work just wondering how the rest of her day went. If I don't hear back from her tomorrow I'll call her Friday.

I have to admit since I have crossed the line I'm okay if I do lose her. Accepting it all has lowered my anxiety on it all.

No real good pizza stories except the 46 cents tip from the people who own a house that is well over a million dollars. Cheap bastards.

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**Wait? What?? People in million dollar homes order PIZZA??? I thought they would have their own Chef from Italy make it. Hell - maybe fly it in from Napoli to begin with! ha..ha..ha..!! ;)

Hmmm...good on you Mike.I'm happy to hear you say you are okay if you lose her. Maybe it's just me -- but I'm leary of getting attached too quickly, too deeply, too soon...you know? But it sounds like you've got your head straight and that's great!


Cinn- yeah it's a new feeling and I like it, but it is different. I know it is healthier.

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