Going Sane in a Crazy World

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Dating Thoughts

One thing I realized with this last round of dating over is boy I've changed. Growing up and into my early dating life if there was a problem I hit the eject button and I was out of there. I guess that was one thing I learned in my marriage. Sticking it out. I knew there was something missing between me and CPA girl, but I was in no rush so I would see how far it would go. Also I was enjoying myself. This came up when someone asked me if I could be friends with her. In the future I could do it, but not now. The feelings are to fresh and strong.

The other thing I realized is that early dating was "I hope she likes me, make sure to do everything right," etc. Now it's like I like that, don't like that, can't live with that. Nice to see myself coming from a healthier place.

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Wheeee.....!!! Personal growth..don't you LOVE it! Congrats on your self realizations. :)


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